I believe that Humans are connected to other dimensions or planes of existence via energy bodies which have been called Light Bodies / Ethereal Bodies just name a couple.  These bodies exist outside or our normal perception typically but we experience them via our dream time and or meditation.  Evidence of how we interact with these planes and energies/beings within these dimensions shows itself via prophetic dreams as a simple example.  Many people are and have been experiencing Lucent dreams then waking at about 3:00 AM and for just a second "feeling" or sensing what was in the dream standing next to the bed or in the room.  This can be a rather challenging sensation, to say the least, and is based upon physics.  When a person is going through the Spiritual Waking process, it appears that a type of protocol occurs and here are a few common things that occur.
1. Lucent Dreams or dreams where you are conscious of the fact that you are dreaming.
2. Waking and feeling that the same energies or beings from the dream are in the room.
3. The bed was moving as if it was gently tapped or kicked at the end, just enough to get your attention.
4. Being physically touched by something unseen while awake, sometimes very wispy sensation and other times a more physical sensation.
5. Being awake and feeling what feels like a heaviness on the sheets sometimes very light almost like the wind moving across the sheets and other times a much stronger sensation where both seem to move up the bed toward you.
6. The feeling of being watched from time to time throughout your life.
7. Seeing street lights go off and come on randomly over a period so that you notice and beginning to notice lights at home and other places become brighter, dim or flash off and on suddenly and when you say something other people sitting around the same area don't see this.
8. Finding odd yellow or brown bruises on yourself that really cannot be accounted for typically on the inner thighs, outer thighs, torso, upper arms and tops of the feet.
9. Finding odd red rashes that look like scratches but the surface of the skin isn't broken, and they have no sensation.
10. Finding odd red puncture marks typically two that are about 1/4" or 1/2" apart but have no real sensation.

While these things can be upsetting in nature and cause one to begin to wonder what is going on with them or is this some psychosis of some kind it is evidence of interactions with these other planes of existence via these energy bodies we have.  This creates a definite challenge to Humans make peace with or to understand, but it is a reality that for the most part we are NOT taught about, and the reason it is challenging is due to this simple fact.

I have and continue to live this as this began to happen "for" me about 15 years ago, and I now help others to understand what is happening with them.  From my personal experiences, there are three stages one experiences over a period with this.

"TO ME" stage is where we perceive that we are victim that this is happening "to me" we naturally perceive that this is evil or bad but in reality it is neither, there is a lot of fear, and we struggle to make sense of that which does not make sense, and we will search for someone to "fix" us to make it stop.   We will experience primarily two energy types Positive and Negative but can perceive these as good and evil based on what we are taught as Humans.

"FOR ME" stage is where we have worked out of the victim stage and understand that there is something helping us and we begin losing our victim perception, there is less fear but we are not at a place yet of understanding what is happening and we are searching for balance and direction from those we perceive can offer it.

"WITH ME" stage is where we are at a place of understanding reality is based upon Humans being physically and energetically connected to other dimensions and within these dimensions are beings: positive, neutral and negative.  These beings and dimensions are part of a greater reality of physics and all mythologies, legends and religions are an effect of this reality, none are true, and none are false, but all are merely perceptions of a greater physics as Humans interact with it.

He was given a new Healing Modality by Spirit that he calls Multi-Dimensional Healing and Psychic Healing – It removes Emotional Blocks that are within the energy field.

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Neil is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Galactic Healing Practitioner, Advanced Theta Practitioner, and Advanced Galactic Healer & Munay Ki Rites Master.  He is also an Angel Whisperer, Spirit Guide Whisperer, ET Contactee,  & Psychic Medium who connects with loved ones who have crossed over.  He also works with other dimensional energies that can be impacting your life.

He was given a new Healing Modality by Spirit that he calls Multi-Dimensional Healing and Psychic Healing – It removes Emotional Blocks that are within the energy field.